Bos Wars Free Isometric Real Time Strategy Game1

Bos Wars – Free Isometric Real Time Strategy Game

Bos Wars (formerly known as Battle of Survival)

Released: 4 March 2007
Version: 2.7 (16 June 2013)
License: GNU GPL
Developer : BosWars Team

An open source, cross-platform real-time strategy video game. The project was started by Tina Petersen, who died in 2003, and the current project leader is François Beerten.

The game map initially starts with a fog of war covering all area which is not covered by the player’s units range of view. As the units explore the map, the darkness is removed. Revealed areas which are not in view range are again darkened to hide enemy unit movement on those areas. All players have the same buildings and units. There is no research in the game so you can instantly build new buildings, aircraft, land vehicles and troops after you have collected enough resources to build them.

The resources in the game are magma and energy. Magma is gathered by engineers or harvesters from rocks or manufactured by magma pumps from hot spots. Energy is gathered by engineers or harvesters from trees or mogrels or manufactured by power plants.

There are three types of structures: basic, unit, and defense. The basic structures are power plants, magma pumps, radar, cameras, and vaults. The unit structures are training camps, vehicle factories, hospitals and aircraft factories. Lastly, the defensive buildings are gun turrets, cannons, and missile silos.

Bos Wars has a dynamic rate based economy. Energy is produced by power plants and magma gets pumped from hot spots. Buildings and mobile units are also built at a continuous rate. Control of larger parts of the map creates the potential to increase your economy throughput. Holding key points like roads and passages allow for different strategies.

It is possible to play against human opponents over LAN, internet, or against the computer. Bos Wars successfully runs under Linux, MS Windows, BSD, and Mac OS X.

Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: 300 MHz
Memory: 128 MB of RAM
Graphics: 16 bit video card with minimum resolution 640×480
Hard Drive: 100 MB free space
Additional notice: OpenGL Requires minimum 32 MB video card

Bos Wars  Screenshots

Main Menu
Gameplay 2

Bos Wars Videos

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