Urban Terror a Free Multiplayer Tactical FPS Game1

Urban Terror – a Free Multiplayer Tactical FPS Game

Released: September 1999
Version: 4.2.023 (19 January 2015)
License: Free/Closed Source
Developer : FrozenSand

Urban Terror™ is a free multiplayer first person shooter developed by FrozenSand, that will run on any Quake III Arena compatible engine. It is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Urban Terror can be described as a Hollywood tactical shooter; somewhat realism based, but the motto is “fun over realism”. This results in a very unique, enjoyable and addictive game. Urban Terror, commonly abbreviated as UrT, is a freeware multi-player first person shooter game developed by FrozenSand. Originally a total conversion of id Software’s Quake III Arena, FrozenSand released Urban Terror as a free standalone game in 2007 utilizing ioquake3 as an engine.  Although the ioquake3 project uses id Software’sid Tech 3 engine under GPL license, Urban Terror’s assets and code are closed source.

Urban Terror is billed by FrozenSand as a “Hollywood tactical shooter.” It blends elements from games such as Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament and Counter-Strike. The realism in the mod is introduced through a number of changes. The number of weapons and other gear that can be carried is limited. Damage is also more realistic than in Quake III Arena, based on dividing the player target into discrete areas. Depending on the map being played, external environments are realistic and can include weather effects such as rain or snow. Weather effects can also be controlled by game variables via administrator privileges.

Urban Terror allows players to perform superhuman feats. Damage is a key example; while damage taken depends on the part of the body which is hit, one can keep going after receiving numerous hits. Further breaking from reality, Urban Terror also retains the movement speeds from Quake III Arena (circle jumping) which allowed players to move through the environment incredibly quickly and includes moves such as wall jumping and power sliding. Wall jumping allows players to literally jump off of walls and helps the player to gain more height, distance and speed. Power sliding lets the player slide, rapidly, in a crouched position, maintaining speed. These abilities have spawned a sub-community of players who focus on specially designed “jump maps” of which the goal is to reach the end of a series of difficult courses.

Numerous game modes are featured, including classic FPS modes such as Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Also included are Team Survivor, Free-for-All (deathmatch), Bomb & Defuse, Capture & Hold, and Follow the Leader. Urban Terror 4.2 has brought two additional game types: Last Man Standing, Freeze Tag, Gun Game, and Jump Mode (a special mode for the aforementioned jump maps).

Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: 1.2GHz or higher.
RAM: 256 MB
Graphics: NVidia or ATI card with 128MB RAM
Harddisk: 1 GB free disk space

Urban Terror Screenshots

Urban Terror - a Free Multiplayer Tactical FPS Game

Urban Terror - a Free Multiplayer Tactical FPS Game

Urban Terror - a Free Multiplayer Tactical FPS Game

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