StepMania Free Download Dance and Rhythm Game

StepMania – Free Download Dance and Rhythm Game

StepMania is a Free Download Dance and Rhythm Game

Released: 2001
Version: 5.0.10 (30 October 2015)
License: MIT
Developer : Chris Danford, Glenn Maynard

StepMania is a cross-platform rhythm video game and engine. It was originally developed as a simulator of Konami’s arcade game series Dance Dance Revolution, and has since evolved into an extensible rhythm game engine capable of supporting a variety of rhythm-based game types. Released under the MIT License,StepMania is open source free software. Several video game series, including In the Groove and Pump It Up Pro use StepMania as their game engine. StepMania was included in a video game exhibition at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image in 2005.

The primary game type features the following game play: as arrows scroll upwards on the screen, they meet a normally stationary set of target arrows. When they do, the player presses the corresponding arrows on his or her keyboard or dance mat. The moving arrows meet the targets based on the beat of the song. The game is scored based upon how accurately the player can trigger the arrows in time to the beat of the song. The player’s efforts are awarded by letter grades and a number score that tell him/her how well they have done. An award of AAAA (quadruple A) is the highest possible award available on a standard installation and indicates that a player has triggered all arrows with “Flawless” timing (within 0.0225 seconds under official settings) and avoided all mines and completed all hold (freeze) arrows. An E indicates failure for a player to survive the length of the song without completely draining his/her life bar. Default scoring and grading for StepMania is similar to scoring in Dance Dance Revolution; however, timing and scoring settings can easily be changed. StepMania allows for several input options. Specialized adapters that connect console peripherals like PS2 and Xbox controllers or dance pads to one’s computer can be used.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 4 (or Celeron of same generation), AMD Athlon 64 (or Duron/Sempron of same generation)
  • 1GB RAM
  • nVIDIA GeForce FX, ATI Radeon 9xxx (except 91xx/92xx), Intel GMA 3000, or other OpenGL 2.0 compatible
  • WASAPI compatible sound device (if your soundcard works you’re probably good)

StepMania Screenshots

StepMania - Free Download Dance and Rhythm Game

StepMania - Free Download Dance and Rhythm Game

StepMania Videos

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