Simutrans a Free Transportation Simulation Game1

Simutrans – a Free Transportation Simulation Game

Simutrans is a Free open source software (FOSS) Transportation Simulation Game

Released: 6 March 1999
Version: 120.0.1 (25 November 2014)
License: Artistic License
Developer : Simutrans Development Team

This is a free open source transportation simulation game available for Windows, Mac, Linux and BeOS. In this game you must establish a successful transport company and build the necessary infrastructure to transport passengers, mail and goods between cities, factories and touristic attractions by land, air and water.

The player in this game strives to run a successful transport system by constructing and managing transportation systems for passengers, mail and goods by land (rail, road,tram, monorail, maglev), air (airplanes) and water (ship) between places. Like OpenTTD, Simutrans is an open source transportation game based on the Transport Tycoon idea. Originally written by Hansjörg Malthaner but it is now maintained and developed by a development team and an international community of volunteers.

The main goal in Simutrans is to provide an efficient transport system for passengers, mail and goods to be transported to their desired destinations fast and with minimal transfers and at the same time making the company grow avoiding bankruptcy or administration.

Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: 1 GHz
Memory: 256 MB of RAM
Graphics: 32 bit video card
Hard Drive: 500 MB of free space
NOTE: This is not official system requirements !


Simutrans a-Free-Transportation-Simulation-Game
Simutrans Screenshot 1
Simutrans-a-Free-Transportation-Simulation-Game 1
Simutrans Screenshot 2
Simutrans-a-Free-Transportation-Simulation-Game 2
Simutrans Screenshot 3


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