Genetos Free Vertical Shooter Game 2

Genetos – Free Download Vertical Shooter Game

Released: 20 December 2007
License: Freeware
Developer : Tatsuya Koyama

“GENETOS” is an freeware vertical shooter game or “shoot ’em up” developed and published by Tatsuya Koyama with an “evolution” theme. The levels represent different generations in the evolution of shooting games. The video game was developed entirely by Tatsuya Koyama who provided the graphics, programming and music, creating it entirely himself. GENETOS is free to download from Tatsuya Koyama’s personal website, downloadable in either Japanese or English from the corresponding page.

Each level ends with a boss or a “mutant”, triggered by gathering enough items allowing the item bar to be 4/5 full or collecting 800 of a 1000 total items. Filling the item bar will allow the player to “evolve” into the next generation of shooting games, improving graphics, firepower and special attacks of the players ship.

Scoring in GENETOS is mainly done by picking up point items which are blue rather than regular items being green, in the 3rd level the player can stop shooting to allow powerups and items around to drift towards the ship and further in the game this becomes faster allowing the player to collect items easier.

Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: 1 GHz single core CPU
Memory: 512 GB of RAM
Graphics: 64 MB video memory
Hard Drive: 50 MB free space
NOTE: This is not the official system requirements !

Genetos Screenshots

Genetos - Free Vertical Shooter Game

Genetos - Free Vertical Shooter Game

Genetos - Free Vertical Shooter Game

Genetos Videos

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