Enigma Free Download Transport Puzzle Game

Enigma Free Download Transport Puzzle Game

Enigma is Free open source software Download, Transport Puzzle Game

Released: 16 February 2003
Version: 1.21 (20 December 2015)
License: GPL
Developer : Daniel Heck and contributors

This is a transport puzzle video game based on Oxyd, and is released under the GPL. Enigma continues to be very popular as an Free open source multi-platform derivative of Oxyd now that Oxyd is no longer maintained. The open source fangame Enigma has been praised in reviews. Landscapes usually take the form of logic puzzles, although frequently, dexterity with the pointing device (the only form of input) is also required. The game is based on a traditional square grid map (2D computer graphics) and a realistic physics simulation.

Main Features

  • Puzzle game with a dexterity component.
  • Non violent – a game for young and old.
  • More than 1000 different levels guarantee longtime entertainment.
  • Stable 1.00 Release with more than 200 000 downloads in two months.
  • Translated to many languages.
  • High-resolution 2D graphics.
  • Realistic physics simulation.
  • More than 500 different game objects.
  • Available for all Windows versions, Mac OSX, most Linux distributions, many other Unix versions.
  • Completely free!

Minimum System Requirements: Nowadays computer can do much processing, so this game should run on your computer


Enigma Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot 2
Enigma - Free Download Transport Puzzle Game
Gameplay Screenshot 3

Enigma Videos

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