Elona a Free Roguelike RPG Game1

Elona – a Free Roguelike RPG Game

Released: 31 August 2007
License: Freeware/Closed Source
Developer : Noa

Elona is a roguelike RPG game created by Japoneses developer Noa. Its name is short for “Eternal League of Nefia”. Noa began developing Elona in 2006, and based it on roguelikes like Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM) as well as Angband. Noa has in addition two other role-playing games with development, Shade and Etherwind. A reviewer at Put in Credit praised Elona as “very well-made” as well as compared its character development system to that particular of ADOM.

The game is defined in a fantasy world named Irva. The player creates a new character, with one each connected with eleven races and ten lessons, to battle monsters, practice secret, perform music, or take on several other roles. It is possible to improve a value in the setting and play as special “debug” races, such as a god. The gamer first takes control of the character, who survives a tragedy at sea, in the n . of Irva’s northwestern continent, Tyris. To the north Tyris contains many towns as well as dungeons, with randomly generated aspects, that the player can explore as they deal with or avoid creatures, townsfolk, other adventurers, and the corrupting effects of any seasonal phenomenon called Etherwind. The player can take missions and make their character believe in one of many gods to enhance their ability and earn various bonuses.

While there is a main dungeon consisting of several difficult boss fights, the gameplay is very open ended and there are almost no references to the main dungeon. The player is free to explore the world and other dungeons at his own pace. Gameplay largely consists of performing random quests to earn money and platinum coins while searching dungeons for higher level loot. Like many rogue likes, gameplay is very random, high level players may be killed in a single critical hit from a low level monster, or low level players may suddenly encounter a boss monster beyond their ability. NPCs are also heavily randomized, they may suddenly read a cursed scroll, summoning monsters that set the town on fire.

Elona allows players to create custom maps and content and upload them to the server. These maps can be accessed via randomly spawning moongates in town. Caution should be taken when entering moon gates, there may be no way back except via dying, and many moongates contain a wide variety of bizarre ways to kill the player, such as ranging from cats that kill in a single hit to kamikaze monsters that set off a massive chain reaction explosion when killed.

Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: 500 MHz single core CPU
Memory: 32 MB of RAM
Graphics: 16 MB VRAM
Hard Drive: 50 MB free space

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Elona - a Free Roguelike RPG Game

Elona - a Free Roguelike RPG Game

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