Use Your Open Source Project To Get IT Jobs In Pakistan

Getting in IT jobs is easier when one has added some open source project(s) on their resume. It is not easy to land into jobs when there is so much competition in the market. So enhance your chances of getting into IT Jobs in Pakistan and improve your resume.

We all want a profession that covers all our expenses. But then we take weeks and even months to think what profession to choose. Choose IT jobs if one is looking for a high-paying profession. The field of information technology is one among the best paying professions in Pakistan. For those wishing to pursue career in information technology, there’s one more good news for them. IT offers jobs in diverse fields. And all are offering good salaries to the interlinked professionals.

Although, IT jobs pays well but this doesn’t mean that you’ve to choose it no matter where your interests lies. The first thing in selecting a profession has always to be the interests. Interests is the key to success. Scope has also to be considered before selecting any field. If it is certain that IT is the field where you wish to go, be consistent then. Do well while in education and work even harder when preparing to head out for IT jobs.

When done with education and ready to hunt for employment, resume weighs a lot. It has to be in best interests to get into IT jobs. And if you want to boost the process, add project(s) to your resume. Do you have any open-source project(s)? If yes, than you’ve what many job applicants won’t have. This won’t hurt your resume but will add value to it. It doesn’t matter if that open-source project was for a local or a foreign client or it was part of your freelance work. It will sure add value to your resume. But it has to be effective and in running condition.

How Your Open-source Project Is going To Help You With Your IT Job?

The project will speak your language

Everyone knows that resumes creates the first impression on reader’s mind. And so will your open-source project. Don’t try to fool the reader by naming someone else’s work as yours. The best examples of projects on resumes or online profiles are seen on LinkedIn. Visit LinkedIn and look for how people have added their projects on their profiles.

Before adding your project to your resume, review it. It must not have bugs, no design faults or any other error. It just simply has to be perfect.

Use your open source project for networking

IT jobs requires the professionals to spend more of their time working on their systems and less on talking. Like said above, when you’ve a pretty good open source project to add on your portfolio, adding it to your LinkedIn profile helps you a lot in getting to a new job. No doubt LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to sell your services. LinkedIn helps us to interact with the professionals of same field. And hence, it becomes a compulsive thing to add the project on your LinkedIn profile.

Open source projects reaches the web world

When your project is online and people have access to it, there can start a new discussion. And also the number of users can rise to what we can say an impressive level. If this is the case with your project as well, this raises the chances of impressing the recruiters. Recruiters, by only viewing the number of users and discussion forum, can evaluate your potential capabilities and this increases the chances for you to be hired quickly. It will be loud and clear that you have the skills, the recruiters are looking for. Keeping all this in mind, the IT experts also needs to focus on projects with declining number of users or visitors. Anything suspicious will damage your repute and will not help you to get into the job, you’re looking for.

Preparing for interview

If you’re lucky, which you’ll be, you’ll be called for an interview. The recruiter is already impressed with your project and will be testing you on the basis of your project. The recruiter knows your capabilities and will not restrict themselves to routine interview questions. There they’ll be more focused towards technicalities. So, here is the time for you to make your permanent position in that company. Prepare well for the interview and review your project. You can’t escape them by answering that this was an old piece of work. Show them that you own that project and you are able to do even better.

You will also be asked with other regular interview questions as well and more will be tailored to test your understanding related to the job. So, overall show them that you’re the best match for that IT job and never doubt yourself.

The IT sector in Pakistan is still on the rise. And is offering more jobs for different IT professionals. There will be tough competition when trying to land an IT job. SoArticle Submission, here is the time to show them that you’re the perfect candidate for that IT job in Pakistan.

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