The Top 10 CM Resources to Keep Your Business Organized

Finding a solid contact management system can make or break your business efforts. We use systems to organize and track our work, which is especially important when running a business. The right contact management system can eliminate hours of unnecessary paperwork and reduce stress.

These are the top contact management systems I’ve come across to keep you focused so that you can dedicate the bulk of your time nurturing existing relationships, while building on new ones so that your business can see the success that it deserves.

1. VTIGER ( – Great for maintaining leads and contacts. It’s a free open source software that you can download to your web server. If you need to add multiple users, you can do so easily.

2. SUGAR CRM ( – Another great open source software that’s free, unless you want the pro version, which I don’t think is necessary for small businesses and freelancers. The free version works just fine. I love that this program allows you to delete duplicates, which is important if you’re new to contact management and have a huge list to sort through. It’s also extremely easy to use.

3. ZOHO ( – I recommend this for the web newbies who are not tech-savvy or brave enough to take on an open source application and install it on your web server. This is hosted on and offers the same features as most contact management systems. You can give up to 3 users access before you have to start paying monthly fees.

4. PLAXO ( – If you could combine LinkedIn with Facebook, you’d get Plaxo. Sync your other email accounts within it and you’re good to go.

5. HIGHRISE HQ ( – Another excellent contact management system that links with other services such as web chats, project management, etc. The solo plan is only $ 29 a month and is great for the solopreneurs who need to stay organized and on top of their game.

Other systems include:,,, and

Vicky Ayala is a marketing guru who writes a weekly blog about her journeys to becoming a successful internet mogal. She offers internet marketing advice as well as web marketing solutions for small businesses.

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