Scope of Mobile App Development for IT and Tech Students in India

It has been only few years since the technology bubble burst in India that the response and interest in mobile app development has increased exponentially. Some key factors that have contributed to this outstanding growth are the increased users of internet, cellular services and app downloads of various kinds for various purposes. Technology is transforming and rejuvenating at a very fast pace. Within such a short period of time OS’ have become favorite and engaging and one amongst many attractive factors where one such OS is Android, that has become a favorite of millions of mobile developers and users. Android is an open source Linux based operating system designed specifically for Smartphones and tablets. In such a short span of time, the growth of Android market has been fabulous and a lot of case studies have been conducted. The ease of use coupled with convenience and entertainment factor have been the powerful features of this technology.

Use of mobile phone has been rising in the past few years and customers are always demanding unique, creative, interesting and entertaining applications to meet their varied interests and likes on a day-to-day basis. That’s the reason most of the IT and technology & innovation companies are shifting from basic multimedia phones to much more interesting smartphones which are loaded with functions and applications to make lives easier and entertaining for the users. Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony etc. is making constant efforts to bring out something exclusive in the markets to satisfy the large pool of mobile users. Many companies are working just on developing android, iOS and Windows based applications.

What are Apps, how are they developed and how are they attracting users?

Apps are application software designed to run on mobile phones and tablet computers. App is shortened for application software since 2010 and the popularity of apps is contnually on rise since then. The development of apps is the procedure of developing applications, which acts as an added feature in any handheld device. Downloading apps that are developed via mobile application development process is much easier nowadays, thanks to the continuous effort of developers. They can be downloaded either by using several different mobile software distribution platforms available in the technical market or it can also be taken from application stores. Today, these applications are readily available that a good number can be found as pre-installed applications in the mobile devices before starting to use one.

The process of communicating with each other has taken remarkable upgrades and it is all because of the remarkable concept of developing an application based on technology. The mobile application development technology is growing day by day and so the number of various applications developed for supporting mobile devices. Mobile phones have become a necessity for mankind, and thus the demand is ever on the increase. No matter, the applications are simple or complex; it is giving contribution in some other way to the end user. In today’s touch technology on regularly used smartphones have added advantage mainly for the large number of users. Some of the factors that are kept in mind before developing apps include design for touch, as designing the mobile app around touch and ergonomics is very important in today’s market, following existing UI conventions, awareness of different screen sizes on different smartphones, target audience and pricing. Although most of the daily and regularly used apps are free, but there are apps in the market that are priced according to the functionality they provide. Therefore it is always imperical to value the innovation and creativity before setting the price as per the market standards. There are several benefits anchored to mobile software development, as a user can access to his mails, can chat with friends online etc.

How big is the demand and growing need for apps in today’s digital world?

The demand for more innovative, easy to use, and convenient apps is an everyday growing phenomena and the developers are the first people to be aware of that, since they recieve the feedback instantly on the download page. So, the future of any operating systems for smartohones and the apps that are based and designed on that are more on the positive side and they are expected to grow. One of many such OS’ is Android, whose fanbase and users is beyond imagination. It has opened a new stream of technological advancements, and more interestingly, there seems no end to experimenting and evolving new applications and mobile phones using this innovative and dynamic technology. In future the usage of this technology is bound to increase because of its flexibility to develop applications of different kinds.

Lately, there is an unexpected rise in the demands of Android developers and in future this demand is expected to increase with time and with more number of electronic devices that are expected to be incirporated with the mobile devices; where electronic devices and appliances will be interacted with the smartphone in hand. With each year passing, the global smartphone user bases are expected to have more and more apps to see and utilize and for companies, more and more developers joining the pool of talent as it is an open source platform, the scope to create something new is infinite. As we see, read, listen and peek into today’s world through our digital medium, it is clearly seen without any anticipation that mobile application development has been and will always be a huge success. These apps are developed for various platforms. Some of the most famous software platforms are iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, iPad, Windows mobile. The mobile application development covers a broad spectrum of booming sectors such as business, gaming, news and current happenings, weather, education, fashion and lifestyle and finance. In the coming future, the rising demand for mobile application development process is expected to be an avid contributor in the growth of an organization as well as an individual developer.

When it comes to paid apps, those apps that are generally not hugely popular, there is the scope for growth and the dynamic and interesting apps are readily available at cost effective prices. A large number of companies are introducing interactive apps to stay in touch with their customers; where the measures and steps range from launching and promoting a brand to popularizing an existing brand, in which everything is being done the appropriate OS’ way because the market for their respective apps is huge and flexible. For example- if one wants a chat application or wish to have a virtual game, or want a lifestyle application, there is always the common answer for all the needs according to the smartphone one uses. It totally depends on the imagination and skills of the developers that what they wish to create out of this amazing technology and see how users accept it.

About the author: The article is written by Mrs. Gayathri, Vice-Principal(Academics), MVJ College of Engineering one of the prominent computer science engineering colleges in Bangalore.

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