Make Youtube videos offline or live with free open source software!

This video will show you how to record live and offline videos using completely free open-source software. Youtube videos, Twitch Livestreams, and editing offline content. Monitor Capture and tutorial design and creation.

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In this video I cover how we get multiple versions of the same software in the hobby and why you need to read up about the project as you could be changing youe models over to the ‘next great thing’ or you could be just testing a ‘fork’ of software you’ve already tried..

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  1. right now  I'm running PatrikE baseflight_FW  on my naze32 on the bixler , it has really good code in it and rth works well …… all of us need to be greatfull towards all these developers cos they are always improving our hobby

  2. I have a few quads which are split between Naze 32 and CC3D, my first couple were CC3D and open pilot I then moved onto the naze 32 and cleanflight.. I have a couple of builds in progress one is a 160mm which I have purchased a CC3D nano should I stick with open pilot or flash it with Cleanflight.
    I will take this opportunity thank you for the Naze32, CC3D and Taranis series which are excelent

  3. Those forks are sometimes quite confusing, especially if you get into a subject for the first time. It's often very hard to tell what the "original" is, which one is most actively developed, what the purpose of the fork is and so on (the most annoying forks being those for purely "political" reasons, when some developers just couldn't work together).
    It's even hard for me to follow, who has been doing at least a little development on a few OSS projects. (If you ever see Cleanflight use UART4 and 5 on boards that have the right MCU, it's me who started that 😉 )

  4. as usual, excellent video. i just started into multi rotors last September using open pilot (which i thought was great and less intimidating than clean flight) but admittedly was getting frustrated with the lack of support and information on openpilot still around. based on your example, would libre pilot be my logical next step and similar (but better presumably) than openpilot? i have a cc3d fc so that is,a factor also. please let me know and thanks!

  5. Your saying you won't use forks but then are using cleanflight. Clear explanation of the development process but i'm lost on your reasons if its beyond the issue of that 'fork' maybe stopping at some point and having to reflash an FC. I'm sure it's just me but didn't totally follow your point or reasoning I think.

    What app do you use for the presentations or do you just make lots of jpgs to flow through? My desk always feels messy after them though :)

  6. As usual a great breakdown of what can be a complicated subject.
     I'm still interested to hear you mention your thoughts on TauLabs (Purple Project ftw btw) Only because for me, it saved the day, when all the others refused to fly.

  7. Thanks for such a timely and Great video, I've got a massive project I've been working on for several years (arduino / C++ based) and I'm getting to the point now where I'm torn between full open source release, or find some way to commercialise it, but my understanding of 'if it is even possible' to commercialise something that is riddled with GPL stuff I'm just not sure. Even just one of my many projects owes me thousand of hours of labour, and I guess a part of me only invested that labour with the long term plan of generating some kind of return at the end of it… Tricky one.. I'd love to hear your highly valued views on this topic. Thanks bud, always a fan :)

  8. Such a great explanation. It really helps to de-mystify how this development process works. Cheers Tony

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