Laying Down The Ground Work For Businesses

It’s called best practices and it means the best way of doing something. It’s what successful businesses know and do making them more efficient and effective in delivering value. Those businesses that do things less efficiently and effectively deliver less value, are less competitive and eventually go out of business. They don’t get to play the game.

Best practices is sometimes also known as infrastructure and it simply is all the support systems and processes needed to carry out the company mission and business plan. These can include communications, technology, software, accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, strategy, etc.

Businesses that do their homework well and join together their business model with good infrastructure and best practices create the potential to grow. It’s as if getting the business model and the infrastructure right is a ticket to play in the big game. Whether you agree or not, those are the facts.

But also note that nothing is guaranteed. Nor implied. Simply being in a position to grow does not mean growth and success. But at least at this point one gets a ticket to play the game.

Conversely,if a business does not get the model and infrastructure right it cannot grow and generate significant assets. If profitable, it will only be marginally so.

The number one reason is to express thanks or gratitude. When you send a Thank You Gift Basket you are acknowledging an employee or group of employee’s efforts, a great way to encourage others to go that extra mile. You can also express your thanks to external sources such as someone who has provided a source for a referral that enhances your business.

The number two reason is to say congratulations. Congratulations Gift Baskets are a common but well appreciated way to demonstrate your company’s awareness and recognition of the substantial achievements of others. By sending a Congratulations gift basket, you are demonstrating, beyond the pat on the back or congratulatory email, their accomplishments. Every time they see the gift basket or use the items contained in the gift basket, your message of congratulations will be re-enforced.

Although we hate to admit it, there are times when saying “I’m sorry” for something we have done is not enough. Sending a gift basket to acknowledge what we have done or has gone wrong is a great way to let others know that we are truly sorry.

Many business leaders pay a lot of attention to favorably influencing their own prices and costs. In the process they ignore or are insensitive to what customers and end users pay to use these offerings. While this focus may be profitable, much more profit is missed when demand is dampened due to soaring costs incurred by customer and end users.

For instance, my banker telephoned to suggest that I open a new personal checking account. These accounts are free. I didn’t really need this checking account, but my interest was piqued when he told us I would receive a free BlackBerry portable digital assistant (PDA). I didn’t need a BlackBerry PDA, but imagined that I could sell it on eBay and make a profit to put into my new checking account.

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