How To Keep Your Computer From Being Cracked By Malevolent Forces

Any one that hasn’t been living in cave the past few years know about this wonderful invention called the Internet. The Internet provides a vast assortment of benefits. But there is a dark side. The Internet also is a dangerous source for adware, spyware, malware and viruses. If you are spending any amount of time online, then it pays to know about these evil entities so you can better defeat them.

Adware is the most prevalent, and fortunately the least dangerous. It can be extremely annoying, and can slow your computer down to a crawl. This is basically software with the intention trying to sell you something. Imagine a door to door salesman that sticks his foot in your front door so you can’t shut it, and won’t leave you alone. That’s adware.

Next on the list is spyware. This is similar to adware, as it serves the same purpose. To scan your computer, find the web sites you visit often to present you with relevant content in hopes that there will be a more likely chance that you will purchase a product.

Next is the famous computer virus. Similar to human viruses, these are spread from computer to computer, just like a cold is spread from person to person. These come disguised in email attachments and will infect your computer if you click on any attachment. The safest way to avoid these is never open any attachments from anybody you don’t know. And never, ever under any circumstances, open up an attachment that has an “exe” file extension.

Malware is another purely evil entity. Often downloaded and hidden in other software, this is software that attacks your computer like that creature from Alien. You think you are downloading a free flash game, and next thing you know your computer has turned into a pile of melted mishmash of metal and plastic.

While there are plenty of free anti virus, and spyware removal tools out there, the best bet is to bite the bullet and buy a yearly subscription to one of the big ones. That way you’ll get support, and frequent updates, as a robust defense against anything that hackers can throw at you.

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