Future Pinball Free 3D Pinball Game 2

Future Pinball 3D Pinball Game with editing feature

Future Pinball is a Freeware 3D pinball editing and gaming for Windows

Released: 22 October 2005
Version: 1.9.1 (31 December 2010)

License: Freeware
Developer : Christopher Leathley

Freeware 3D pinball editing and gaming application for Microsoft Windows. The software is similar to Visual Pinball but usage of original pinball ROM code is not allowed. The project discontinued and the last version of Future Pinball was released in 2010.

This Pinball is a simulator and editor, but does not emulate hardware found in physical pinball machines. Tables are designed using 3D models found within the editor, and rendered using a 3D real-time engine. Pinball table layout, graphic design, and audio are provided by users during the construction and development of table design.

Future Pinball allows users to create original tables based upon a default table which only contains flippers, slingshots, shooter lane, and shooter. Additional playfield components are added from a library containing surface, guide, objects, rubber, targets, lights, triggers, ramps, and displays. User created artwork can be added to the playfield, plastics, and backglass translite. Game coding is required, and is accomplished through Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting (VBS) via an embedded script editor.

Future Pinball Screenshots

Future Pinball - Free 3D Pinball Game

Future Pinball - Free 3D Pinball Game

Future Pinball - Free 3D Pinball Game

Future Pinball Videos

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