Advantages of Open Source

Open source is a pool of source codes that gives you the access to the final production and development of source materials. Open source is a widely adopted practice among the Internet development community now. The impossibility to know the kernel of source code is one advantage of Open source software over other types of patent softwares.


Open source on the other hand is completely different as the source code modification and customization is encouraged. According to the open source concept, an application becomes more bugs-free and useful over the long term by allowing everybody who’s interested to modify the code. The best example of open source software today is Linux. There are many different and modified versions of the Linux operating system available on the Internet.


And Initiative owns the certification mark. Software developers use the trademark if their distribution conforms to the definition and the software can be freely shared and redistributed among others. Major requirements of the open source definition model are:


No restriction must be imposed on the redistribution of software.
The source code of the software program must be available along with the program.
There is no restriction imposed on anyone to modify the source code.
License is required by the latest version of the software program to change its name and version.


Softwares are created by one or more developers having skills to solve a particular problem. They start writing code from scratch, and then they put them where others can find it and play with it. Generally these are published under some license such that the software remains open source. The process of sharing ideas and modifying the code by trial and error leads to the solution of the problem. After some time the software becomes popular and people start using it. Linux and Apache had thousands of contributions from various developers across the world.


A common concern of open source software users is the lack of warranty and technical support. As the software’s license allows modification and customization of code, it is very difficult to get any sort of technical support.


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