Little Fighter 2 Freeware PC Fighting Game sequel from Little Fighter 2

Little Fighter 2 – Freeware PC Fighting Game, sequel from Little Fighter

Released: 11 July 2009
License: Freeware
Developer : Marti Wong, Starsky Wong

Little Fighter 2 is a popular Hong Kong freeware PC fighting game for Windows and is the sequel to the game Little Fighter. Little Fighter 2 was created by Marti Wong and Starsky Wong in 1999, and released in a long series of updates.

The game supports up to 4 human players on one computer and a total of 8 characters using online play or computer-controlled opponents. Characters are controlled using the keyboard or a gamepad. All keys can be custom set via a configuration menu.

The game has a commercially released sequel, Little Fighter Online. In 2008, in celebration of Little Fighter 2′s tenth anniversary, version 2.0 was released. The update fixed minor bugs and added a gameplay recording feature, a new stage called ‘Survival’, a browser toolbar that is not mentioned in the installation process and obstructive ads being displayed while the game is being loaded. Version 2.0a was released in late 2009, with only a bug fix.

Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: 300 MHz single core CPU
Memory: 32 MB of RAM
Graphics: Card with DirectX Acceleration, Resolution 800 x 600
Hard Drive: 125 MB free space

Little Fighter 2 Screenshots


Little Fighter 2 - Freeware PC Fighting Game, sequel from Little Fighter


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