Curse of War fast paced action RTS game2

Curse of War – fast paced action RTS game

Released: 2 June 2013
Version: 1.2.0 (16 August 2013)
License: GNU GPLv3
Developer : Curse of War Dev Team


Curse of War is a fast-paced action strategy game for Linux implemented using ncurses user interface. Unlike most RTS, you are not controlling units, but focus on high-level strategic planning: Building infrastructure, securing resources, and moving your armies. The core game mechanics turns out to be quite close to WWI-WWII type of warfare, however, there is no explicit reference to any historical period.

Normally, the game starts with 4 small countries in the corners of the map. You start as the ruler of the Green country, and your goal is to conquer the whole map.  People are your primary resource. Thriving population is essential for your victory. Every tile can support at most 499 people from each country. When people from more than one country occupy the same tile, they fight. The country that has the highest population at the tile is called the tile owner.

Every country can put flags on the map. Flags change migration rates, so that people of your country start gathering at the tiles with flags. Player’s flags are shown as white “P” on the right side of a tile. Flags of the computer opponents are shown as “x” on the left side of a tile. The flags can be used to increase population of your own cities, as well as for conquering foreign territories. When countries are fighting for a city, and if the damage to the defender’s army is significant, the city can be destroyed: A fortress becomes a town, a town becomes a village, and the village gets completely burnt by the invaders.

Curse of War Screenshots

Curse of War - fast paced action RTS game

Curse of War - fast paced action RTS game

Curse of War - fast paced action RTS game

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